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Molecular Profiling

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Molecular Profiling

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Personalised Medicine

No two cancers are identical; The genetic characteristics of a cancer vary from one patient to the next. So, even patients with the same type of cancer will respond differently to the same treatment, if they have a different genetic makeup.

We believe personalised medicine - with medical decisions and practices being tailored to the individual patient - is the way forward for drug development. Several biological tests have emerged that help to define cancer subtypes and to predict responses.

The development of molecular profiling technologies to assess DNA, RNA, protein and metabolites provides the opportunity to tailor medical care, both at tumour and patient levels. These approaches have the potential to fulfil the promise of delivering the right drug for the right indication to the right patient at the right time and as a result, form a core component of our ‘Personalised Medicine Initiative’.

Personalised therapy also offers the opportunity to increase therapeutic efficacy by targeting the genetic changes driving tumour behaviour while at the same time decreasing inadvertent toxicity due to altered drug metabolism encoded by the patients’ genetic background.

Download the SCRI Personalised Medicine Fact Sheet

(Updated 01 September 2016)

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