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09 May 2013

Bringing The 2013 ASCO® Annual Meeting Highlights Directly To You From Chicago !

The Association of Cancer Physicians (ACP) is bringing you the latest oncology data from the 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology® via a series of online webcasts with a team of the UK’s leading oncologists. The ACP will be hosting a number of webcasts via the ACP website, providing an expert perspective of how the latest ASCO® data may be interpreted by the wider oncology community.

What is happening ?

On the evenings of 1st – 3rd June a team of leading UK clinicians and pharmacists will be filmed carrying out numerous discussions (webcasts), which will be facilitated by Dr Alison Jones. Our expert team of oncologists will be providing you with their interpretation of the 2013 ASCO® Annual Meeting highlights and how this new data may impact oncology practice within the UK, ensuring you are up to date and implementing the latest advances in cancer care!

Each daily webcast will be supplemented by an educational slide-deck providing detail and context to the topical data. The webcasts will be filmed directly post-congress and the footage will be hosted from 9am the following day (GMT) on the ACP website, allowing you to receive updates first!

How can I find out more ?

The first webcast will be hosted on the ACP website on Sunday 2nd June, keep logging on prior to, during and post the 2013 ASCO® Annual Meeting for regular updates and further information on how you can benefit from the ASCO® experience!

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