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For Patients

Find a clinical trial

The First Step

Sarah Cannon Research Institute UK is determined to make a difference in our patients' lives. 

The UK leads the world in the proportion of cancer patients joining trials.  Around 17 per cent of cancer patients now take part in trials that are helping to find out which treatments work, how best to use them, and what the side effects are - that’s a greater proportion than in the USA or any other European country.

“Participation in a clinical trial is the first step in fighting cancer, not the last.” ®

We have many clinical trials in active enrollment and follow-up in our central London clinic. If you are interested in taking part in a clinical trial, please speak to your own doctor or cancer specialist.  They can then contact us to see if you are suitable for the trial.  If you are eligible and choose to take part in one of these studies, you may be able to receive innovative new treatment, and help to improve cancer treatments for future patients.

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