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What is SCRI UK?

Sarah Cannon Research Institute UK has partnered with the Leaders in Oncology Care (LOC), the largest provider of private oncology services in the UK, to open the first private oncology drug development unit in the country. Our state of the art facilities cover 13,000 square feet and provide a premier patient experience.

How long has the Sarah Cannon Research Institute Programme been running?

The initial clinical research trials began in Nashville in 1993 under the leadership of Drs Tony Greco and John Hainsworth. Steady growth through the Minnie Pearl Cancer Research Network led to the formation of the Sarah Cannon Research Programme in 2004 as a joint venture of the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) and Tennessee Oncology. Today, the Sarah Cannon Research Programme is expanding in cancer beyond clinical research, providing integrated care across facilities and markets in the US and the UK.

What is the aim of SCRI UK?

Sarah Cannon Research Institute UK is focused on leveraging scientific advances and innovative approaches to provide cutting edge therapies to our patients. Our molecular profiling initiative is a core component of our personalised medicine strategy. From premier screening and diagnostic programmes, through expertise in all treatment modalities, and survivorship, we aim to bring state of the art cancer care closer to home.

Patients are at the core of everything that we do.



Does SCRUK only focus on treatment?

No, at Sarah Cannon Research Institute UK, we provide a fully integrated approach to cancer care, forming centres of excellence to bring together the essential components necessary for screening, diagnosis and treatment. With the latest in imaging and profiling techniques, our radiologists and pathologists ensure that the critical components of staging and tumour characterisation are developed with precision. Highly experienced surgical, medical and radiation oncologists are leading the development of care pathways and driving a multidisciplinary approach to personalised treatment.

What is molecular profiling?

Molecular profiling is an important component of personalised medicine, and is used to classify tissue based on genetic profiles for the purposes of diagnosing or treating cancers. In addition, molecular profiling allow us to pre-screen potential candidates for inclusion in our early phase clinical trials and explore novel biomarkers that predict response to specific treatments.

Who do you collaborate with?

Through our academic partnership with University College London (UCL) we can provide academic and collaborative leadership in the UK.

In addition, Sarah Cannon Research Institute UK is proud to promote partnership with community physicians and other academic institutions, working diligently with several principal investigators in London.

By encouraging breakthrough partnerships, we are pushing innovation forward, closing the gap on cancer, and providing a better future for all.

Sarah Cannon Research Institute UK participates in both industry-sponsored and investigator-initiated clinical trials and conducts Phase 1 through Phase 3, as well as outcomes based clinical trials.

How do I refer patients to SCRI UK?

Please complete the Patient Referral form and return the completed form to Sarah Cannon Research Institute UK via post, fax or email. You can find all the necessary contact details at the bottom of the form.

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